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At Penna Powers, we have a somewhat unconventional workplace. Just saying, “We don’t work in silos” is a bit of an understatement. We pride ourselves on the fact that it’s not uncommon to hear the whirr of a nerf dart flying overhead, or that no one will bat an eye if you wear slippers to work.

Red checkered slippers beside sofa. Pair of slippers near bed. They greet you every morning. Warmth of home.

Slippers at work? Yes please!

Here’s the thing, if you work in an office setting, you don’t really need shoes. I mean, what are shoes for? Their original purpose was to simply protect your feet. Sure, you could argue that over thousands of years style and comfort have become equal partners in that purpose, but ultimately the true design of a shoe is to prevent tiny, pointy objects from stabbing your foot. Slippers, on the other hand, were explicitly created to be comfortable. That’s their entire goal, purpose and reason for existence. So, with that in mind, riddle me this: How much protection do you really need for your feet? If your answer is anything less than “about 32.33% (repeating of course),” then here are three reasons it’s time for you to ditch the shoes.

1. Did I mention slippers were literally created to be comfortable?

First and foremost, slippers are relaxing, and relaxed workers are more productive. While I suspect most people have experienced slippers at some point in their life, just in case you haven’t, here’s how it works. Essentially, you take two tiny pillows of pure heaven and strap them to your feet in a way similar to sandals, only slippers look normal when worn with socks.

man in slippers

Nothing about this man looks normal.

Slippers not only help your feet feel better, they also help keep your feet warm, which can be a legitimate concern at least a few months out of the year.

2. Most people won’t notice, and the ones that do, will be envious.

If your job is anything like mine, a good portion of your day is spent working at a computer desk, and computer desks are excellent at hiding feet. In fact, taking a quick survey of all of my neighboring coworkers, I can’t see any of their feet without significant effort. If your coworkers aren’t likely to see your feet, you might as well be donning slippers.

But don’t worry, even after Jerry notices that your feet look at least ten times happier than his, he won’t be mad… he’ll be envious. And that’s because people who wear slippers to work have completely given up are super cool and everyone likes them. Poor Jerry, he could never pull off slippers like you can.

3. They slip on and off (I mean, it’s in the name).

Finally, slippers are extremely convenient and adaptable. Have a meeting mid-day? No problem. Just slip those slippers right off, throw some shoes on and no one will be the wiser. Going to be parked at your computer for a while? No biggie. Slip those slippers right on and give your feet a well-deserved break from the confines of shoes. Wore sandals to work but then realized that sandals are lame? No worries. Slip those nasty sandals right off and enjoy all the benefits of a regular slipper-user (even without socks).


Please note: While this man’s slippers are on point, I can’t condone the use of his sweats or a soul patch.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself some slippers today, and experience comfort on the job like never before.

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