4 Innovative Marketing Solutions for 2016

Here is a basic PAR (Problem-Action-Result) scenario for most companies:

P (Problem) – Companies are looking for ways to break out of the advertising clutter and be seen.

A (Action) – Companies hire advertising agencies to help them do this.

R (Result) – The agency solves the problem either through great messaging or great use of a channel.

There are two ways for a company’s advertising to stand out – either through (1) great messaging or (2) great use of a channel. Most agencies will propose one or the other. Penna Powers believes in a combination of both, and has set up an innovation lab to explore solutions for its clients. Here are four innovative ideas Penna Powers has been exploring.

Site Intercepts. These are basically little pop-out windows on websites that engage a user when they complete an action on your website. You have probably just noticed one when reading this article. Here are some possible uses:

  • Ask a user if they would be interested in a demo after spending over two minutes on your site
  • Engage a visitor when they are ready to exit your site
  • Capture visitors’ emails when on your site

We have found that 5-10% of visitors respond to site intercepts. The tool that Penna Powers uses, Hotjar, has some other neat features such as heat mapping and recording visitor sessions.

Interactive Video. Digital video is exploding, so savvy marketers have begun looking at how to innovate the video content. Allowing users to select which path in the video they want to take creates a unique and memorable experience. It’s like the choose-your-adventure books we all read as kids.

We created an interactive video for UCAIR, which allows users to make decisions that could either positively or negatively affect air pollution in Utah. The creative possibilities with interactive video are endless, and one of the largest barriers to entry we see in 2016 is if publishers can update their video players fast enough to support it.

Behavior Modification. Getting people to change their behavior as a result of seeing an ad is downright hard. It’s why Penna Powers has a whole outreach team to just meet with individuals and give presentations in schools and businesses. There are a few rare cases when seeing an ad can change one’s behavior, so here’s a list of our top pieces of inspiration when working on a behavior change initiative:

Xylobands. If you’re looking to really stand out at a conference or convention, look no further than Xylobands. These wristbands can change color based on the input that you give. This Coldplay music video shows its potential at a large concert, but imagine if while during a presentation you’re able to relay a statistic by having the wristbands of the audience light up different colors. These could also be used as a giveaway at an event, if your company sponsors a team.

As an honorable mention, we believe virtual reality and augmented reality will keep growing in 2016, but won’t be viable as a mass media for a few years to come. Did we miss anything? Contact us today to have our innovation lab start working on a project for your company!