A Different Kind of Agency

2009The reason we’re different is simple — national thinking on a local level. Our partners learned the business in New York and Chicago from the best of the best. That means you get the same big-city strategic and creative thinking without the big-city prices. When it comes to a Utah advertising agency, we’re simply the best.

Results Driven

We live by the mantra that if it doesn’t sell, it’s not creative. Look, anyone can toss out wacky ideas that make the agency laugh and maybe even win a few “creative” awards, but if it doesn’t sell product, if it doesn’t help a client’s business, then what’s the point? You’re not in this to help your agency’s business, you’re in it to help yours. And that’s what’s kept us around for 30 years and counting.


Our Advertising Toolbox

Brand Development
We believe that information sharing and communication are essential to creating a consistent brand for all communication tools. Our team works closely with the client to obtain approval of objectives, strategies and tactics before the project begins and prior to implementation of any work.

Strategic Planning
Penna Powers has developed what we call the Brand Connection Process. It identifies core brand advantages and prospect insights leading to a big idea that will position the brand and drive all connection points with the prospect (i.e. communication, marketing and product elements). This Brand Connection Process speeds marketplace adoption by creating marketing efficiencies and faster comprehension via a brand idea that is reinforced at every exposure and connection.
It recognizes that all connections, no matter how small, should be brand-driven and impact the customer relationship.

Campaign Development and Rollout
A distinct, strong and memorable brand is needed to position products and services firmly in the minds of consumers. A unique, persuasive and extendable brand image should be developed to tie into this main point of differentiation. The established look and feel of the brand should serve as the foundation for all components of the advertising campaign (point-of-purchase, displays, collateral, advertising, direct mail, statement stuffers, web, etc.).

“The more you know the less you guess.” Penna Powers has been instrumental in developing national and local research for over 30 years. We believe the worth of research is its ability to support and inform strategic planning or make critical adjustments to already successful programs. And the tighter that process can be, the more valuable it is for the client. We don’t simply provide information you already know — our research helps shape marketing strategies, promotions, new product offerings, ad campaigns and strategic business decisions. We take pride in our ability to design and execute effective research programs among your stakeholders and help you understand how to translate the insights gained into specific actions that will make a difference. Our research helps in the decision-making process for your Utah advertising campaign.

For over 30 years Penna Powers has helped our clients communicate with their consumers and stakeholders with strategic design solutions that produce strong results. Our business-driven approach separates us from typical design companies. Penna Powers has a fully-integrated team of creative designers, writers and programmers who know how to produce results. Our clients seek us out because we have comprehensive knowledge in graphic design, branding and direct marketing. From strategy to implementation, logos to websites, advertising and direct mail, trade shows and annual reports, we provide a unified program that is tailored to the needs of each individual business. Clients come to us looking for meaningful logos, websites that work and real results from a marketing campaign. We have a distinct process that is comprehensive and thorough — allowing us to create the best solutions for our clients.

Media Planning
Sound communication strategy is the product of Penna Powers’s media department. Whether the target audience of today and tomorrow consumes more or less of any medium is irrelevant to us. Our media choices are a result of the original marketing objectives. If we can better engage your target through a contextual online medium, we’ll do it. If the target and message work better with television, we’ll do it. If it involves an optimum mixing of the two, we’ll do that too.

Using the most updated marketing and media research tools available, we work hard to eliminate the guessing from your advertising campaign. While media planning and buying isn’t a completely scientific undertaking, we make sure that your plan has been taken for more than a few spins in the lab.

It’s all out making the right decisions. It’s about getting your message to the right audience in the right environment at the right time with the right frequency. Our media department can help you make the right choices — no matter the media:

  • Online (from traditional display advertising to video, search and native content)
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Print (magazines, newspapers and custom publishing)
  • Outdoor (bulletins, billboards, transit, guerilla, etc.)
  • Out-of-Home Video (movie theaters, entertainment, retail, etc.)
  • Social Media
  • Sponsorships and other strategic partnerships

We provide comprehensive media services:

  • Strategic Media Planning
  • Media and Market Research
  • Strong vendor relationships in media buying/negotiation
  • National, regional, local and hyperlocal media planning and buying experience
  • Paid media campaign monitoring and auditing
  • Post-buy analysis and make-good negotiations

If you’re looking for a strategic advertising partner, look no further than Penna Powers.

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