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It goes without saying that your company’s advertising efforts should correlate to your PR efforts, which should jibe with your online presence and synchronize with your public outreach. No brainer, right? Speak with one voice. In other words, why would you choose different companies to generate different portions of your marketing? Or why would you choose a company who farms out different portions of the work? Penna Powers hires the city’s best and brightest in the areas of advertising, PR, interactive and public involvement, which allows us to create comprehensive marketing campaigns all in-house, and all in one voice. We are one of the few, a Utah Creative Agency.


Advertising +

Advertising is a science, but it’s not all about the numbers. It’s about understanding the product, understanding the consumers and understanding how to bring the two together. It’s part psychology, part math and a whole lot of creativity. Hey, if it was easy, any agency could do it for 25+ years.

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Digital +

As a full-service agency, interactive and digital media is a huge part of our mix. These days, an effective digital presence is indispensable to just about any and every company. But just as important as being online is finding the right people to create that presence for you. We make sure that your digital campaign integrates with not just your company’s overall campaign but that it integrates with your company itself.

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Public Involvement +

For the past 28 years, we’ve developed a knack for helping public agencies to involve, educate and persuade their stakeholders. We also recognize the importance of responding to our clients’ needs for more interpersonal, two-way communication with their constituents. Because public involvement done well can be one of the most important weapons in a client’s arsenal.

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Public Relations +

Generating publicity is one thing, generating results is something else entirely. We specialize in developing PR campaigns that deftly manage perceptions, generate interest and gain credibility for our clients. Our PR department focuses on media relations while also employing the power of grassroots and viral campaigns, along with various other strategies, to generate awareness, influence perceptions, build and support brands and motivate audiences to action.

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