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Our interactive and digital department is a full-service media production shop in and of itself. That means that if you want to put something up on the web, we can not only put it there but we can make it look good too. We have developed and perfected methods and strategies for every aspect of interactive and multimedia components. If it’s out there, and it’s legal, we’ve done it. That’s what being full service is all about. So if you’re looking for Utah web design, look no further than Penna Powers.


Our Interactive Toolbox

Utah Web Design & Development
We are firm believers in the influence of the Internet in all facets of life, particularly in advertising. Every business, group and even individual should have a web presence of some kind. We are a highly skilled team of “techno geeks” who create websites that are not only technologically savvy, but reflect who you are in look, language and personality.

Our strategy is initiated with a unique exercise wherein we create a paradigm shift in the purpose and demands on your website. It all starts with this question: “If your website were an employee, would you fire them?” We work closely with you to develop the perfect employee. It is our mission to make that employee the best at their job in your organization.

Video & Motion Graphics
The art of combining motion graphics, video, text, audio and interactive elements has proven to be a powerful and emotional tool that can bring any message to life. Our expert creative team has years of experience making custom videos, interactive media, and 3D animation for disciplines ranging from website enhancement, to live event presentations, to deliverable user-controlled media.

With our vast experience in presentation development and production, we are often asked by our clients to assist them in their live client events. We have produced invitations, registration websites, design elements, staging, audio/video support, presenter coaching, media projection systems and onsite media support.

Our multimedia production team has developed a unique and memorable product that will make your event stand out in the minds of your customers. During your event, our AV team shoots video and still photography and, each night, edits the media and produces a video that is played at the close of your event. The video recaps the activities during the event and reinforces your loyalty to attendees.

Copies of the DVD can be reproduced and mailed to the participants after the event to thank them for their participation and reinforce your relationship once again. We have provided these services for small regional companies as well as FORTUNE 100 companies.

Presentation Tools
Presentations are one of the most neglected tools in most companies. Often these presentations are developed by the wrong people, on airplanes, on the way to the client. They typically contain a Far Side™ or Dilbert™ cartoon on one of the 54 slides of type.

We have developed a proprietary planning tool that we employ at the onset of your project. This tool helps plan and guide the project to produce the desired result with the audience. We also offer a Presenter’s Boot Camp where we conduct a three-day training session for your organization’s key presenters.

Our presentation offerings include; planning, design, development, training, delivery and collateral production. As your agency, we are invested in winning the battle on the front line and are committed to upholding your company’s brand and reputation.

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