Holiday Cards

penna powers holiday card 2015

2015: The Creative Awakens
It is a period of creative war. Rebel designers, striking from an underground base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire. During the battle, Rebel media planners managed to steal secret plans to the Empire’s ultimate weapon, the BAD IDEA, an armored space station with enough power to destroy an entire marketing campaign.Pursued by the Empire’s sinister agents, account managers, public relations professionals and other crew members race onward aboard their starship, custodians of the stolen plans that can save their clients and restore creativity to the galaxy…

2014: Have an Awesome Holiday
2014 has been a big year for Penna Powers. Not only did we celebrate our 30th year in business, but we coupled that with a restructuring of our identity. And what better way to restructure than with Lego bricks? Enjoy this awe-inspiring recreation of the entire Penna Powers Lego team. Believe it or not, we photographed each individual lego creation in-house and, even more surprisingly, we didn’t lose a single lego piece.

2013: Creativity is Our Playground
We jumped at the opportunity to let out our inner child and had fun climbing on ladders and running around the studio to create this chaotic scene. No costumes were necessary for this photo shoot. Believe it or not, all of these outfits came from the closets of our very own Penna Powers people. The background image is made up of images from Sugar House Park here in Salt Lake City.

2012: Roaring ’20s
Flappers, gangsters, booze and G-men—we’ve got it all. Follow the story of this alcohol bust from the G-men rushing into the scene, mothers-to-be smuggling booze in their baby carriages, flappers paying off a bad cop to celebrities getting robbed. The background image is actually a compilation of several locations from downtown Salt Lake, the city that has been our headquarters since we first opened our doors in the early 1980s.

2011: Wild, Wild West
In order to pull off this period piece, this was the first year Penna Powers rented costumes from a local theater company. Nearly every person in the card was part of a story, with many dressed up as classic western characters. You can find the Shanghai Kid, Butch Cassidy, man on a buffalo, Annie Oakley and many others. The background is a miniature model of a western town from Virgin, Utah, resized and edited to make it life-sized.

2010: The Squadron
This card was the space nerd’s dream-come true. With Avatar, Halo and several other space-themed movies released that year, Penna Powers captured the trend of the time. The background image was one of the hardest in the history of Penna Powers’s holiday cards to create. The spaceship was a homemade replica of the Alien Resurrection ship that our photographer, Andrew, built for his son. We pay tribute to the fact that agency people can sometimes act a little out-of-this-world.

2009: Formula 1
This card was about capturing a single moment of high energy. We borrowed the partners’ racecar uniforms from the Larry Miller Speedway. The partners found out, to their dismay, professional drivers have to stay small in order to drive as fast as possible. Considering the agency is located kitty corner to Arby’s, the partners may have tested the zipper strength of these suits. The uniforms were also built to withstand heat. Underneath all the photography lights, it made for a somewhat hot and uncomfortable experience. But they still managed to look great in the end.

2008: Rock Band
This Penna Powers team collaborated to make this card a success. Everyone brought in their beloved guitars, got out their leather pants that used to fit and razzed their hair to rock out. Guitar Hero was all the craze in 2008, so we took our cue and brought this trend to its natural extreme. Several people pay tribute to classic rock legends. Lars is the one-armed drummer fromDef Leopard. Erico is Eddie Van Halen. Tyson is Angus. See if you can find more rock heroes (and some has-beens) gracing this card.

2007: Airplane Crew
This was the year we started playing with perspective, taking the Penna Powers holiday card tradition to where it is today. With photo-editing software and capabilities improving every year, we were able to fool some clients into thinking we got a B-17 into Witzel’s Pawn Shop parking lot.