Public Relations

We’re Generating More than Publicity


We’re Generating Results

Sure, Penna Powers’s Public Relations efforts generate publicity, but more importantly they generate results. Managing perceptions, generating interest and gaining credibility for your company are what we’re all about. We know how to utilize all the tools, from research and strategic planning to grassroots movements, guerilla marketing and social media to influence action and boost perceptions. See how our PR Firm Utah can take your business to the next level.


Our PR Toolbox

We conduct primary and secondary research, using both qualitative and quantitative techniques to identify the messages our clients need to communicate to their audiences, and identify the best ways to convey that information.

Strategic Planning & Development
Our recommendations fit into a strategic plan based on careful research, an overall goal, messaging and measurable objectives.

Consumer Marketing
We apply our expertise in brand management, consumer behavior, promotion, sponsorship, special events and media relations to develop strategic and creative public relations programs that build reputations, manage perceptions, strengthen positioning and drive sales by motivating consumers to think and act.

Media Relations
Our mission is to deliver the right message through the right medium to the right audience in order to build our clients’ credibility. We provide a complete battery of media relations tools including press releases, pitch letters, articles, op-eds, facts sheets, FAQs and expert source sheets. We partner with our clients through every step of media relations, including honing contact lists, crafting key messages, preparing for interviews and determining the communication tools that make sense.

Media Training
We understand how nerve-racking it can be to do a live interview or speak with a reporter, which is why we offer our clients valuable media training. Our comprehensive training is tailored for the situation but often includes coaching clients on how to speak with the media, nail down key messages and identify how to respond to sensitive questions.

Press Tours
Penna Powers’s Public Relations team has the experience and staff to organize and prepare for company or product introductions or re-introductions by taking the news to the press.

Trade Shows
We make the most of trade show participation by maximizing pre-show publicity and promotions with key industry publications. We also capitalize on the power of public relations to deliver a company’s message to customers, potential customers and the media that attend industry trade shows.

Special Events
We plan, manage and publicize a wide range of events, from press conferences and trade shows to grand openings and new product launches.

Community Relations
Through our relationships with local and national media and our understanding of issues unique to our region, we’ve planned and implemented numerous campaigns that have measurably shifted public opinion.

Crisis Communications Planning
We can develop a crisis communications plan and train key personnel in their responsibilities to ensure effective communication in the face of significant pressure.

Penna Powers develops programs, plans and solutions for online execution that answer the marketing, training and publishing challenges facing companies in today’s digital age.

Employee Relations
Communicating with employees is important, so we have developed various communications audits and implemented both employee sales incentive programs and employee communications campaigns designed to keep these vital channels open.

We have developed grassroots marketing campaigns that have turned our clients’ customers and opinion leaders into avid supporters who care about the company and its products/services.

Guerilla Marketing
Sometimes that crazy idea that everyone laughs at in the brainstorm is just the thing that is needed to break through the clutter and get attention. We’ve done some amazing things to get the public’s attention that have resulted in the desired action or response for our clients.

Social Media
Blogs, Facebook, MySpace, Wikis and Twitter. Sound like toys for your kids, or maybe things only teenagers have time for? Our Social Media Team has used these tools and others to increase awareness of our clients and interaction with their audiences.

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