Taking the Deep Dive Into Social Media

Avoid the Pitfalls

thumb-social“We need social media,” is what we are hearing more and more from CMOs and CEOs. Great, we agree, you do. However, while social media should be, at some level, a piece of your marketing toolkit, it cannot and should not be a standalone tactic or an island unto itself, but rather a part of your overall marketing mix.

Whether you’re taking the deep dive into social media for the first time or are ready to step up an existing effort, the following are recommendations to help avoid a lot of the pitfalls and set up for success.

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social-media-stephanieStephanie Miller is the PR Director for Penna Powers. With 16 years of industry experience, she has managed public relations for a diverse set of clients. She has served on the PRSA Greater Salt Lake Chapter board and served as President in 2004.

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